Pain in the arch of the foot

Arch pain is a very common type of foot pain. Symptoms of arch pain include pain when getting up in the morning and pain with long walks or prolonged standing.

Arch pain in the morning is due to the ligaments under the foot (Plantar Fascia) becoming contracted and tight as you sleep through the night. When getting up and walking in the morning, the fascia is still tight and prone to irritation when stretched. When walking or standing for long periods, the plantar fascia becomes inflamed and painful.

What causes arch pain ?

The most common cause of arch pain is Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is Latin for inflammation of the Plantar Fascia - the fibrous band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes.

Someone with arch pain usually has inflammation of the tissues within the midfoot. The arch of the foot is formed by the Plantar Fascia, which tighten and relax during the different phases of gait.

The Plantar Fascia play an important role in proper foot mechanics and transfer of weight from the heel to the toes. When inflamed, even simple movements can be quite painful.

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by over-stretching of the Plantar Fascia. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to inflammation, irritation, pain and swelling. Arch pain is more likely to happen when:

- your feet roll inward too much (over-pronation)
- you walk, stand, or run for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces
- you are overweight or pregnant
- you have tight Achilles tendons and/or calf muscles

Treatment options

Various medical studies found that a combination of stretching exercises and wearing an orthotic shoe insert is the most effective way of dealing with arch pain (This treatment regime is also very effective for the treatment of heel pain).

Footlogics are podiatry-invented orthotic insoles deigned to prevent over-pronation and to support the arches. They help release the tension on the Plantar Fascia, thereby treating the cause of Plantar Fasciitis and arch pain.

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Recommended orthotics for arch pain: