Callous and corns

Callous and corns are a sign of constant friction and rubbing on the foot. Callous usually develops under the ball of the foot, under and around the heel area and under the big toe. A corn is a form of callous with a hard central core and develops on top and between the toes.

What causes callous and corns?

Wearing shoes that are narrow, tight, ill-fitting or high-heeled often leads to the development of callous and corns. Also, foot conditions such as bunions and hammer toes or even arthrits can cause excess callous and corns. However, most commonly callous and corns develop from excess pressure and friction as a result from over-pronation. Over-pronation causes the arches to fall and the metatarsal bones (in the forefoot) to drop. This causes excess friction and rubbing under the ball of the foot and under the big toe.

Treatment of callous and corns

Callous and corns should be removed professionally (by a Podiatrist or pedicurist). Podiatry designed Footlogics orthotics can help reduce or prevent the formation of callous and corns by biomechanical re-alignment of the foot and reducing the exces pressure and friction.

callous and corns
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