Tired, aching legs

Tired, aching legs are very common, especially in women and also in elderly people.


Typically, people suffer from a consistent dull ache at the back of of lower leg. Often behind the knee or in the calf muscles. Aching legs are most prominent after standing for long periods of time. Women wearing high heels often complain about tired, aching legs.

What causes aching legs?

The most common cause of aching legs is poor blood circulation in the leg arteries. This produces an aching, tired, and sometimes burning pain in the legs. A secondary cause of leg pain is strain and excess stretching of the calf muscles as a result of poor foot function.

As the feet roll inwards (over-pronation) the legs rotate internally, placing stress on the muscles at the back the legs. Standing for long periods of time will make this condition worse.

Wearing high heeled shoes also contributes to tired, aching legs.

On the other hand, if you do exercise, it is important that you stretch before and after your workouts. Your hips muscles may become tight if you hike or bike, causing that uncomfortable ache in your legs. Stretching helps increase your flexibility and range of motion which can help prevent the pain caused by exercise. Stretching after exercise takes advantage of your warmed muscles and the increased blood flow to achieve the maximum benefits.


Footlogics orthotics control excess pronation of the feet. As a result this will decrease internal rotation of the legs and the stretching on the leg muscles, thereby reducing tired, aching legs.

aching legs
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